The Astrology of Johnny Depp

For the sake of this article, we will be exploring Johnny Depp’s chart using a whole sign house system. This article is a brief analysis of his natal chart and not inclusive of every aspect worth noting. Birth data sourced from

Johnny Depp was born on June 9th, 1963 at 8:44 am in Owensboro, Kentucky.  He is a Leo rising, Sun in Gemini in the 11th, and moon in Capricorn in the 6th house. Leo is ruled by the Sun and therefore we find his persona and identity being found in the 11th house.

When the ruler of the rising sign is in the 11th house, we find a person that identifies with his fans and his persona is with his audience, friends, and his networks. He expresses himself creatively through sharing with others and being involved with people. Johnny Depp naturally attracts an audience. His Sun in Gemini in the 11th indicates a person who needs a variety of different social contacts, groups, and attention from them. The major aspect influencing the Sun is a trine with Saturn in the 7th which can support relationships with friends, franchises, and spouses. He naturally forms alliances with people and is loyal to those relationships. When there is an ease between Saturn and the Sun as indicated by a trine, being in relationship is something that comes naturally to him, and we can find someone who is committed easily or finds themselves in long relationships.

Johnny’s moon in Capricorn is found in the 6th house of vocation, routine, health, and daily habits. The moon in the 6th can show someone whose work is very important and finds emotional security in being busy and having productive days. The moon in the 6th is not an ideal placement for the moon and can create irritation and difficulty in maintaining working relationships with subordinates, healthy habits, and mental health, especially if the moon is afflicted. The moon needs a healthy routine that also prioritizes sleep and consistency to maintain a healthy work life balance. With the moon in Capricorn and Capricorn ruling the 6th house, this further indicates his need to be productive and busy. With the moon in the 6th, we can also see a connection to animals as a source of emotional security. 

The moon in the 6th prioritizes others and creates a humble work ethic. Johnny’s moon in this position would indicate that he is kind on set to others he works with and seen as someone who is nurturing and caring to the environment, as long as he takes care of his mental health. 

Johnny’s moon is very significant as it is the ruler of the 12th house. When the ruler of the 12th comes into the 6th house, we can see matters of the 12th affecting the 6th house. This can literally mean that he escapes through his work, his work is a product of his subconscious or his dreams, his addiction issues affect his ability to hold down a job, his creativity affects his work, his job allows him to express his creativity, and perhaps secret enemies come in the form of employees or those he works alongside. 

The moon has an almost exact square with Jupiter in the 9th which is an extremely generous aspect, given the moon is in the natural house of service. The moon and Jupiter square, indulges in gift giving and can go too far, especially with the moon being the ruler of the 12th, the house of give it all away. The moon also has a sextile to Neptune and a trine to Pluto. This equates to an incredibly creative individual whose heart is moved to give, create, and bring the subconscious fantasies of his imagination forward. Jupiter and Neptune are ruled by Pisces who is the ruler of the 8th. With both Jupiter and Neptune aspecting the afflicted moon, Johnny may wrestle with overindulgence and addictive traits. It is the combination of the 12th house and 8th house influence on the moon that affects his relationship with alcohol and drugs. At the same time, it bodes very well for a continuous stream of creativity and his heart’s passion expressed through his work. It also is the culprit of his creative expressions taking on darker personas in motion picture roles. 

Johnny has led a very colourful love life. He has had a series of serious relationships that can be seen through the lens of his 7th house. He has Aquarius on the cusp of his 7th house as all Leo risings do. Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus and the traditional ruler Saturn can be found in the 7th house. Johnny has a day chart so according to sect, Saturn tends to be more constructive in this position which can indicate that he easily forms attachments and takes on the role of supporter. Regardless of sect, Saturn is still Saturn, which means that there have been lessons around what it means to truly take responsibility of another. We give away the planets that are in the 7th house therefore in the worst case, Saturn in the 7th can result in attracting partners who limit, undermined, or constrain Johnny in some way. 

Saturn is the ruler the 6th house but found residing within the 7th house. This means he literally can meet his spouses and significant others at work or work events. It can also mean that work and work life balance affect his relationships and has a substantial impact on it. 

The traditional ruler of the 7th, Saturn, is under stress, with a square to Venus and Mercury, who are conjunct in the 10th. This is part of the push within him to succeed as Venus is the ruler of his midheaven. Squaring with Saturn, it connects his career, reputation and status to his 7th house, the allegiances he makes and his spouses. This literally means his relationships affect his reputation, especially when either planet is hit by transit. 

I am saving the Amber Heard case for another article, but an interesting side note is that during the court case Johnny had a second Saturn return around the time of the lawsuit which is literally Johnny taking responsibility and attempting to take back his reputation.

The modern ruler of his 7th house is Uranus which can be found in the second house conjunct Mars and loosely Pluto. This is very interesting and telling as we would expect a tumultuous relationship with finances impacted by business and romantic relationships. Mars is the most destructive planet in his nativity, being a day chart, and paired with Uranus and Pluto we can see sudden losses to his house of personal aspects because of partnerships. We can also see great wealth with Pluto residing here but partners trying to take it for themselves. Mercury is the ruler of the 2nd house which further stresses the house of personal security since Mercury is square with Saturn in the 7th. 

Since the second house shows what type of things, we typically spend our money on, Johnny would be sure to collect some rather “different”, “unique” and maybe even “raw” like possessions. It has been stated he collects Barbies and animal skeletons. It would also indicate quite substantial sizes of purchases. 

Mars is the ruler of the 2nd house so we can see that the early upbringing and relationship with a parent or both could have greatly impacted his self-esteem. With Mars in aspect to Uranus and Pluto, its effects would have been significant which could have shaped his childhood wounds. Johnny has spoken about the relationship with his own mother as abusive and tumultuous, although he continued to idealize her through his adult life. Within the 4th house we also find Neptune where we turn a blind eye to a parent and constantly forgive easily. It also has a favourable aspect with the moon which is indicative of that.

This article is a brief synopsis of some of the major alignments in Johnny Depp’s chart and is not exhaustive of everything worth noting.

Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha

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