Venus Retrograde Through the Houses Transit

What is Venus Retrograde?

Venus in our chart governs relationships, social contacts, value, money, friendships, appreciation, aesthetics, beauty, and overall pleasure. Pleasures of life are Venus’s domain like shopping, food, sensuality and parties. How we get comfortable and enjoy is the realm of Venus, especially when it comes to being with others. All other these situations answer the question of value and are ultimately connected to self worth and how we appreciate others.

When Venus goes retrograde, situations can arise that force reflection of our relationships with all these significations in mind. Money can feel tight, there may not be time for intimacy and we may feel taken advantage of. Enjoyment in general is usually thwarted and pleasure not easily attained. The goal of each retrograde is to understand, grow and reflect on one’s true value and the value of others.

Our relationships can be put to the test. How we show appreciation for our partners may be brought up in conversation and voicing each other’s need for love and affection shared.  Old lovers can resurface that offers valuable insight and provocative scenarios. The rules of engagement fall away and we can be prone to test of limits of desire.

Venus retrogrades in the same area of your chart every 8 years, which is a consistent cycle that can show repetitive themes.

If you know your time of birth, check to see what house Venus will be retrograding through. 

Understanding the Venus Rx Transit

Venus will spend approximately 4 months in the sign that it will retrograde in. This is a significant amount of time compared to the monthly jaunt it usually makes. It will exaggerate and bring to focus the individuals that reside within the house. Take this understanding a step further by getting familiar with your NATAL Venus by sign and house and the Libra and Taurus houses. These themes are always present during Venus’s retrograde transit. For the sake of this article we will be focussing on Venus Rx transit through the houses.

Venus Rx Transit Through the Houses:

1st House

What does it mean to be you? How much are you worth it? Have you been prioritizing yourself and your needs? What is your relationship with your body like? These are the main themes of Venus’s retrograde cycle in your 1st house. In some cases, with Venus spending so much time in the house that reflects your face and body and the impression you make on others, you may spend money and time on your appearance. You may reevaluate how you use both and how you care for your vessel. This is a great time to start a new exercise program, get a facials, and put your needs first.  You are worth it. It may be prompted because you are not satisfied with your appearance. Decisions around appearance may prompt experiences that affect your self esteem, like getting braces or having surgery.

2nd House

When transiting Venus Rx falls in your second house, your priorities around spending come under evaluation. Since Venus rules spending, money and desires, you may feel limited at this time or reflective of how you spend. Themes of appreciation can come up especially if you spend a lot on others which can leave you feeling used.  Budgeting may be recommended. A good way to use this time is to recycle, purge, and put up for sale, items that are no longer needed in your life or reflective of who you are. You may reevaluate your tastes and preferences at this time.

3rd House

When transiting Venus Rx falls in your third house, how you spend your time on a daily bases, who you want to talk to, your opinions and your close relationships with friends and siblings will be subject to Venus’s reflective gaze. You may really desire to move slower and have less commitments that make life too busy. Traffic can feel intense and jarring to your system at this time. More interference in daily travel is likely. Your friendships may undergo strain. Thoughts around appreciation may arise as differences in values, time and effort becomes apparent. A friend from the past may reach out that reminds you of how you used to converse, opinions you used to have and or how you used to socialize. This could also relate to a sibling. 

4th House

What does it mean to feel comfortable and cozy at home? Are you  able to indulge in all the pleasures that your home environment can offer? Venus Rx through your 4th house can prompt redecorating, making furniture purchases, and home renovations that are supportive of your tastes and need for comfort and rest. You may find that your family relationships require effort and work at this time, especially with the female family members in your life. Do you appreciate your mother? Does she appreciate you? Family members may come back into your life, or leave your life at this time. You may be involved in some real estate dealings that are sticky and not proving fruitful. Wait until the retrograde passes before closing the deal. 

5th House

When Venus Rx transits through your fifth house, it can stir up your heart around where you find your joy. What hobbies make you happy? Do you need to go out and let loose? The pleasurable activities that you are usually involved in may not be available at this time. You may also feel overwhelmed with your children. An old lover or sexual partner may come back on the scene which reminds you of your riskier self and need for romance. A way to use this energy constructively is to make time for your hobbies from your past or carve our time for creative projects. If you are dating someone, the relationship could end, or your tastes change, especially if they are not treating you the way you deserve. 

6th House

When Venus Rx transits through your sixth house, the pleasantries you normally take in your routine can be affected. Your coworkers may be out sick which leaves you with more work to do, your health may be under strain, and there could be way more errands than normal. Relationships at work may leave you feeling under appreciated or you may realize how much you need certain individuals. For self employed folks, this may extend to those you employ and contractual workers. Treat them well. Gift those that deserve reward, and cut loose the ones that are behaving badly. If you have been feeling like getting a pet, this could be the time to research whether it fits into your lifestyle. If many roadblocks occur, revisit the fuzzy friend after the retrograde ends. 

7th House

When Venus Rx transits through your 7th house, your relationship and relationship contracts are highlighted. What does it mean to be appreciative of each other. In healthy relationships, you may feel like it is time to reevaluate how you spend time together and the need for extra care and time. You may revisit an old pastime or hobby together that you both enjoyed. Relationships can be tested at this time. Take a think back to 8 years ago, when Venus went retrograde in this same area. It can give you clues to the same relationship themes. What does it mean to be a good partner? What kind of people have you been coupling with? Are they reflective of your value? Do they appreciate you? You may hear from an old partner from the past. Boundaries may be crossed, especially if your current relationship is unhealthy. The rules of Venus are stretched during retrogrades and may unleash new desires and unconventional attitudes. 

8th House

When Venus Rx transits through your 8th house, your relationship with your partner can be further tested as the house of intimacy is activated. Old wounds can resurface and beg us to dissect them. A potential inheritance or support may present itself however could be held up for untoward reasons. Make sure you look under the hood closely before signing any deals. You may take a deeper look at your finances at this time and employ your accountant, tax specialist or financial advisor to take an intimate look at your investments. This is a time to really look at how old wounds and traumas are affecting your relationships. 

9th House

When Venus Rx transits through your 9th house, you may question the road you are headed on. You may feel as though you have lost inspiration or your beliefs may be called into question. A relationship with a mentor could fall apart or disappoint in some way. There could be set backs to travel plans that require changes. Your vacation may not turn out the way you intended to. You might meet someone abroad that is unconventional. Plans for the future may change as a result of past goals. You may decide to take a course of study that proves difficult. 

10th House

Are you proud of who you are becoming? Do you feel like you are on the way to feeling fulfilled? Are you taking authority of your life and becoming recognized for your contributions? Do you feel patronized by your parents and still under their watchful gaze? Similarly to the 4th house, parental relationships can be highlighted . There can be a change in your reputation or you might be out of view from the public during this time. You may choose to work on branding or need to repair the value of your company and its reviews. You could feel undervalued by your employer at this time. 

11th House

When Venus Rx transits your 11th house, themes surrounding community, friendships, and shared visions may come into focus. Friendships can be stressed as ideologies differ. You may reflect on imbalances within communities between give and take. An old community and hobby may present itself. Technological difficulties can present themselves and affect social media platforms and websites where you interact with your fans and public. Work on the launch behind the scenes, improve the art work, and fine tune the specifics so it is exactly the way you want it. 

12th House

When Venus Rx transits through your 12th house, sleep is highly important. Mental health may be tested and rest is required. Use this time to pamper yourself. If sleep is withheld, you may feel strung out and unhinged. This would be a good time to go on retreat or reflect on your spiritual practices and relationship with the divine. Self sabotaging behaviour are likely so be wary of reactions that isolate you further. You may feel like everyone is against you and be the one responsible for your loneliness. On the other hand, there could be a friend that does not have your best interests at heart, although you may not realize it. Meditate.

Here are some questions I look at before I advise a client.

Does this retrograde touch the client’s planets personally?

Venus will spend roughly 4 months in the sign. It will revisit degrees already travelled so take note of the experiences and conversation while Venus is there. Do you have any planets in this house? This will make the Venus transit more notable.

Faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, the moon and Mars moves through the zodiac quite quickly. They can ignite other larger transits within your chart that need the accelerants of the faster moving planet to make the theme apparent.

Venus Retrograde Dates

From Station Retrograde to Station Direct

  • Dec 19th , 2021 – Jan 29th, 2022 in Capricorn (26° – 11°)
  • July 22nd – Sept 3rd, 2023 in Leo (28° – 12°)
  • Mar 1st – Apr 12th, 2025 (10°Aries – 24° Pisces)
  • Oct 3rd – Nov 13th, 2026 (8° Scorpio – 22° Libra)
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