The Concept of Sect: Your Best and Worst Planet

What is Sect?

The concept of Sect influences the dignity of the planet. It is an ancient technique that assigns the 7 traditional planets, to DAY and NIGHT classifications or groupings. It is used to access the influence the planet has over the life. 

Venus in one chart is not the same as Venus in another chart. Venus’s dignity, its ability to exert it’s influence in the most authentic way, is influenced by the sign it is in, the house it is in, the aspects it makes with other planets, and the concept of Sect. There are many factors that influence Venus from fulfilling her benefic nature and sect is one of them. 

Sect assumes that planets operate differently depending on whether it is a day or night chart. 
It divides the planets into day, diurnal, and night, nocturnal, teams or groupings. 

The Sun’s Position in the Chart Determines the SECT LIGHT. 

If the Sun resides in houses 1, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 or 7 and is ABOVE the Ascendant / Descendant horizon line, then the chart is of the DIURNAL SECT LIGHT and the Sun is the primary luminary. 
If the Sun resides in houses 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 and is BELOW the Ascendant / Descendant horizon line then the chart is of the NOCTURAL SECT LIGHT and the moon is the primary luminary. 

  • Accurate time of birth is required to determine Sect, especially if born near dawn or dusk. 
  • If you are NOT using whole sign house system and instead using quadrant or equal house system that the horizon line is the cusp of the 1st house, then Diurnal Sect would place the Sun in houses 7 – 12 and nocturnal sect would place the Sun in houses 1-6. 

Conditions of Sect

Each team has a Sect Light planet, a Benefic in Sect planet, and a Malefic in Sect planet. 
It is said that these planets operate more efficiently in their Sect. 
The planets on the team operate easier and have a stronger influence in the chart, lending more positive attributes. They carry more weight in the nativity.


on the left it says DIURNAL with planetary symbols for the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn underneath. 

On the right it says NOCTURNAL
the symbols for the moon, Venus , and Mars underneath. 

Mercury is neutral.

The DIURNAL sect consists of the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. 
The NOCTURNAL sect consists of the Moon, Venus, and Mars. 
Mercury is neutral. 

Benefic in Sect and Malefic Contrary to Sect

The sect light is the guiding compass for self. 

People born during the day, see the Sun in its constant path in the sky. Constancy becomes an important theme for daytime nativities, as the Sun never deviates from its inherent compass. 

People born during the night, see the moon shift and change throughout the month. Flexibility and emotional shifts guide the nativity in fluid movement.

The benefic in sect will be more positively influential than the benefic contrary to sect, (on the other team).

The malefic in sect will be less detrimental or less malefic than the malefic contrary to sect, (on the other team.)

Therefore, your BEST planet based on the concept of SECT is your benefic in Sect. 
Your WORST planet based on the concept of SECT is your malefic contrary to Sect. 

Example: Pamela Anderson

An astrological chart from Astro Gold sample charts for iOS for Pamela Anderson dated July 1st, 1967 4:08 am Ladysmith, Canada.

An astrological chart from Astro Gold sample charts for iOS for Pamela Anderson dated July 1st, 1967 4:08 am Ladysmith, Canada.

Her primary luminary is the moon lending more influential weight and guiding direction in the 11th house of fans, communities, rewards, charity, and social causes. We have seen this through her rise to fame, her work with Peta and The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Her benefic in sect is Venus in the third house of friends, siblings, opinions, writing, and the use of her voice. She has authored many books and never withheld her opinion.

Her malefic contrary to Sect is Saturn in the 11th house of fans, rewards, partying, and ability to live lavishly. Saturn is the ruler of her 8th house. She has had past implications to her financial wellbeing due to toxic relationships and lifestyle choices.

So Venus is her most beneficial planet (benefit in sect) and Saturn is her hardest planet (malefic contrary to sect.) 


By understanding your best and worst planet, we can take this into consideration when we look at transit and predictions. 

Consider the following: 

  1. Transits to your natal benefic in Sect 
  2. Transits to your natal malefic contrary to Sect 

Of course the effects will be goverened by which planet is transits the benefic in sect or malefic contrary to sect. 

  • Transiting Benefic in Sect planet 
  • Transiting Malefic contrary to Sect planet. 

For example: As a nocturnal chart, Saturn is Pamela’s hardest planet. Wherever transiting Saturn is in  the natal chart will bring harder themes to the house that it is in compared to a diurnal chart with Saturn transiting through the same house. In 1998, transiting Saturn was conjunct her natal moon in her 11th house. This signified an important turning event in her marriage. She filed for divorce after bringing charges of abuse to her husband, Tommy Lee.

Important to Remember

Sect is highly important however…

It is not the only consideration.

The sign the planet is in can improve or worsen its condition.
The aspects it makes with other other planets can improve or worsen its condition.
The house it is in can impact the functioning of the planet.

For example:

  • a benefic in sect in the sign of its detriment will weaken its position
  • a benefic in sect in square to a malefic contrary to sect will weaken its position however the malefic contrary to sect will be lessened
  • a benefic in sect in mutual reception with a malefic contrary to sect will weaken the benefic and temper the malefic
Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha

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