Astrology Consultations

Astrological consultations unlock the potential and truths of how the intricate combination of the cosmos are represented in your unique blueprint. 

Lady Samantha puts you in touch with your blueprint, helping you to integrate its lessons, and leaving you with a sense of agency and acceptance that is deeply nourishing and healing.

If you have never had your chart read before, we recommend you start at Natal Chart Astrology Consultation.

Natal Chart Astrology Consultation

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the placement of the planets relative to the position of the Earth at the moment of your birth. 

This chart reveals your personality and your inherent behavioural patterns, challenges, and opportunities. This consultation will shed light on your strengths, areas for growth, relationship patterns, career potential, family dynamics, and your shadow self.

In this 75-minute session, the goal is to support you in understanding yourself, so you can move forward in life with more ease. You will be taken through the energies present within your chart and discover how they all work together, the lessons and trials they present, and the opportunities for growth they provide. We will also take a look at the upcoming transits influences affecting the chart.

75 Minutes  //  $195 CAD

Ongoing Astrology Consultation

Based on your Natal Chart Consultation, ongoing astrology consultations can support you in forecasting, planning, and gaining continued insights into your personal orientation to life. In your Consultation, you can:

  • Solar return (birthday readings),
  • Have your questions answered around major decisions,
  • Analyze transits related to upcoming events, or
  • Continue to dive deeper into your core constitution.

75 minutes // $195 CAD

Relationship Consultations

Relationship Astrology Consultation

A Relationship Astrology Consultation analyzes and interprets the way the planets in your astrology chart interact with those in another’s – whether that be a lover, a friend, or a parent. Using synastry to do a chart-on-chart comparison to see how you will receive one another, including triggers, supports, and major areas of potential and struggle. We will also employ composite chart analysis when both birth times of birth are available.

This 75-minute reading also reveals potential relationship issues within your own chart, revealing the condition of Venus and your 7th house, which can result in patterns you repeat over multiple relationships.

*Please include the birth data for the significant other when booking. 

75 minutes // $225 CAD

Parental Consultations

Parenting Astrology Consultations

Analyzing the charts of children is an especially useful tool for parents to learn more about their child, what the child needs to support their development, and what types of challenges their child will encounter.

All children have unique qualities and potential. These 75-minute consultations can support parents in becoming more aware of what their child needs to feel seen and how to nurture them. Lady Samantha makes these insights available to parents to learn how to strengthen your child’s sense of self and security, as well as guiding your understanding of your child’s development on a psychological level.

*Please include your birth data and your child’s birth data when booking.

75 minutes // $225 CAD

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