The Astrology of Justin Bieber

For the sake of this article, we will be exploring this chart using a whole sign house system. This article is a brief analysis of his natal chart and not inclusive of every aspect worth noting. Birth data sourced from Astro Gold Astrological Software. 

Justin Bieber was born March 1st, 1994 at 12:56 am in London, Ontario. He has a night chart with Scorpio Rising, the traditional ruler Mars in the fourth house and modern ruler, Pluto in the 1st house. One might say Justin is magnetic and private. With the ruler mars in the fourth, there is a sense of identity found through family, his home, and domestic matters. Regardless of the rest of the chart, having the chart ruler in the fourth can present a more introverted individual while being detached in the sign of Aquarius. He may like to hide behind his clothes and hoods.

The ascendant is conjunct Pluto and square Mars which could present himself as being driven, antagonizing, passionate, obsessive, all or nothing, and create large fluctuations in his energy levels. It also can show up as many changes to his appearance in efforts to express himself and the different shades of his persona. Some of these changes may be self-driven, ie tattoos, clothing, body language, or due to health and physical issues.  

Natal Chart of Justin Bieber born March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario at 12:56 am. Birth Info source: Astro Gold
Natal Chart of Justin Bieber born March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario at 12:56 am. Birth Info source: Astro Gold.

Mars is a very important planet for Justin as it is also conjunct Mercury in Aquarius and loosely conjunct Saturn, out of sign. The Mars Mercury relationship in Aquarius blends his mind, opinions, and instinctual mode of expression. His mind is sharp and quick to react, naturally grasping concepts as a result. With both planets squaring Pluto, this makes for an incredibly deep and introspective individual with a restless mind, prone to feeling unsettled.  Since Mars is the ruler of his persona, we could see him reinventing himself many times throughout his life. 

The square between Mercury, Mars, Saturn, the Ascendant and Pluto also ties in the North node that makes Justin’s persona and how he approaches life even more important and fated. There is a hungry need to drive the persona forward to achieve power and status through his craft. The life lesson revolves around what it means to have personal autonomy, who he is within family, to his fans, to his spouse and ultimately to himself through his creativity. This quest of personal expression is the driving force that has also supported enabling his rise to fame.  

With Mars being the ruler of his ascendant and the 6th house of health, there can be health situations that may affect his face, persona, and his energy levels. With Mars conjunct Mercury, we can see the 6th house presenting itself through anxiety and affecting his nervous system. These two planets have a trine to the moon in the 12th house, supporting space and deep rest.

It was during June 2022 that transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal Mars Mercury Conjunction at 25° in Aquarius. He communicated on instagram he was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome and had paralysis in his face.

Jupiter is also in the 1st house colouring Justin’s persona and magnetism even more. Jupiter in the 1st increases reception, can create a larger than life individual, and as the ruler of the fifth house, ocreativity comes through individual expression. 

Justin’s Sun is in Pisces in the 5th house. The fifth house is the house of creativity, sexuality, play, children, and talents. This area is important as Venus, Saturn and the IC also reside here. The Sun is the ruler of the 10th house and therefore what he is known for. He is known for his musical creativity, his songs of love, romance, and having fun. He is a sex idol, a party animal and a risk taker. 

His Sun in Pisces has three aspects worth mentioning. First, it has a separating conjunction with his hardest planet by sect, Saturn. Saturn’s impact in the fifth house brings his friends and family members into the spotlight which can affect his reputation or impact his creativity in some way. It also is represented by the foundation provided by one or both parents at an early age that led to his fifth house fame. Saturn is the ruler of the third house of friends and fourth house of family and may support collaborations with other artists that he is close with. 

It was during a Saturn profection year in 2008 and a transiting Saturn opposition that Justin was discovered. A year later, Saturn opposed his Sun and was Conjunct his MC and he received a significant response for his his first album.

Second, the Sun in Pisces has an applying trine (coming closer together), with Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter. This trine supports the persona, fame, and wealth. It encourages indulgence, taking risks and is prone to effects on his health. He is unable to hide these escapades from others. This placement gives him a larger than life stature, and also creates generosity.

Third, the Sun has an opposition with Chiron in the 11th house. It adds a desire for recognition yet is not easily satisfied. His self-confidence is affected by this opposition. It creates a deep need to be at the centre of the spotlight, feeling special, and being recognized for his expression. The childhood wound would likely be due to his upbringing and a relationship with a parent. Sun opposite Chiron aspects tend to show archetypal wounds of the father however the 10th house is the traditional house ruler of the mother, and Chiron is in Virgo, which leads me to suspect that the insecurity around becoming someone worthy of fame, feeling special and confident, come from both parents.  

Along with the Sun and Saturn, Venus also resides in the fifth house. Venus is his most positive and supportive planet and is exalted in Pisces. It has a beautiful sextile to Neptune that bodes well for his creative talents that came easily at a young age and for romantic interests. As the ruler of his 7th, it shows up as beautiful, sensual, and perfect looking partners that are devotional, loving and support his creativity. His relationships provide the fuel for his music. 

Justin’s moon is in the 12th house in Libra forms a trine with his Mars Mercury conjunction. It supports him when he is dealing with life events, crisis, and health issues by turning to God, spirituality and taking time for himself. The moon in the 12th requires retreat but also carries with it a constant lack of clarity around how to be emotionally secure. The moon is the ruler of the 9th and lives in the 12th. We can see an individual that is prone to substance abuse, and gets carried away as a result. The moon is impressionable and idealistic. Having a grounded spiritual practice and a relationship with the divine is important to anchor and support his emotional needs. 

The moon has a square with Neptune and Uranus. He was born during the Neptune Uranus conjunction between 1992-1994. As a result, these planets can create more emotional instability, a need for emotional reinvention and also idealism. As the ruler of the 9th, his belief in self is tied to his belief in God. Over time, the moon will learn how to deal with mental health related themes and his own need for solace, retreat and escape to ensure emotional stability. 

This article is a brief synopsis of some of the major alignments in Justin Bieber’s chart and is not exhaustive of everything worth noting. 

By Lady Samantha Feb 21st, 2023 

Lady Samantha

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