2020 –  The Times of Capricorn and Becoming Authority

The Goat who instigates earthly change rules 2020. A cardinal sign that seeks to usher and create the Earth beneath its feet is bringing forward its lessons and learnings toward us.

There are a number of large transits in Capricorn this year that will affect us personally and collectively. These transits WILL affect society as well as our personal lives through the foundations, containers, and structures that support us. The main transits this year are the Pluto Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn that we will experience all year and its effects for years to come, as well as Jupiter’s Transit through Capricorn that started early Dec 2019 and will end late Dec 2020.

Capricorn GoatCapricorn represents rules, regulations, government, authority, how we relate to the outside world, how we work in that world, and how we earn and are rewarded for our efforts – whether they be through monetary earnings or societal recognition.  

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. This planet urges us to expand our understanding of ourselves. It seeks to do so through the tests it presents us with, to learn through what we can endure, to understand how we feel limited, bound or burdened, as well as how we experience doubt, fear and self-loathing, and how we take responsibility to change it and move forward.

In mythos and astrological theory, Saturn represents the traditional archetypal father and the authority figures in our early childhood and formative years. Saturn brings these lessons to us in the same way a father desires to bring authority and boundaries to his children.  What a true father or evolved authority figure desires is to create a container and boundaries where a child can safely grow. This “father”, the authority figure, wishes for its child to eventually claim its own authority and take responsibility as it matures. That is the true purpose of Saturn; not to bind and limit us, but to teach us how to become an authority in our lives, how to live authentically. It teaches us how to own what it means to live for ourselves, and no longer our parents, or project our relationships with our parents on the outside world – ultimately recognizing our own efforts and being our own reward.

For us to own our experience, we must evaluate ourselves ruthlessly and take responsibility for ourselves and our experiences.  We must relinquish our untested faith in the unknown and put our inner faith in ourselves, our own creations, our own ability to endure, while taking responsibility for our lives and for our experiences.  This is Jupiter moving through Capricorn. Jupiter wants us to have faith, it wants us to expand awareness of our self and grow, …. And combined with Saturn… Ultimately GROW UP,  get REAL, and SELF possess. It wants us to connect to higher knowledge … about what? … About Capricorn!  Jupiter in Capricorn literally means, Tested Faith, Trust in what is Evident, Trust in what is True, what is real and what is authentic.  

It means take a look in the mirror….

Are you projecting the expectations of your relationship with your father and other authority figures from your childhood and your desires for their praise, or lack thereof, onto your world?  

Are you looking continuously for your father’s approval, through the approval of your bosses and authority figures in your life, for the recognition from others to give you a sense of self-worth, that your efforts are of value in the collective society?

Jupiter in Capricorn seeks for us to become aware of our relationship with how we derive self-worth from our efforts and hard work. It asks us to live by our own rules and regulations, to self-possess and self-govern with moral codes and compasses that are true to who we are. This means to live according to an internal code; a compass that is from tested, tried, and true learned experience that we call our own.

Jupiter in Capricorn with its ruler Saturn seeks us to become aware of our inner authority in which we hold ourselves accountable to our own measure and are rewarded internally by our efforts. We will know it when this happens because Saturn REWARDS us with a sense of internal ease and worthiness of our own achievements, where the work will suddenly become EASIER and we will be released from the need to project on an external authority figure; whether it be the father of our youth, or an all seeing untested deity that threatens punishment. It all starts with becoming our own authority and valuing how we individually show up.

With Love,
From Samantha


Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha is an astrologer, author, entrepreneur, and teacher. The visionary mind behind Moons of Avalon Astrology School and Membership Community and The Rock Store Crystal Store and Healing Centre, she has been studying spirituality, ritual, astrology, and mythology for many years.